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Carry Your Own Backpack: Tools for Healthy Boundaries
Friday Keynote

Boundaries are a struggle for us all. By defining healthy boundaries for yourself, we become clear about what belongs to us, what belongs to others and what belongs to God. This workshop is filled with simple tools to help you manage the struggles that you face both at home and in the workplace. The skills defined will provide a map for how to manage emotions, mindset, and behavioral habits for wellbeing.

Holly A Schneider is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and author with over 30 years of expertise, primarily in Christian Counseling. She is an Organizational Psychotherapist and Life Coach at Delta Defense, LLC in West Bend, Wisconsin, promoting wellbeing to employees through individual, group, and mental health training. In 2020 Holly won a Moral Courage Award through the Wellness Council of Wisconsin for implementing mental health services in the workplace. Her mission in life is to help others be the best version of themselves, regardless of what they carry in their backpack. She is known by her clients as a “toolbox” therapist.

Holly is a member of Shepherd of the Hills Church in West Bend. Her walk with Christ has been the key to living in grace and purposeful alignment. She believes that when you are clear about what belongs to you, what belongs to others, and what belongs to God, there is peace that passes all human understanding. Holly is married to her high school sweetheart and together they have raised three daughters.

Her book, Carry Your Own Backpack: Simple Tools To Help You Live Peacefully is a guide to emotional wellbeing and healthy relationships. The book comes with a complete clinical toolbox for practical skills that anyone can apply to live in alignment with their faith and clear boundaries for wellness.

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